Paperless Post: Online Invitations and Cards For the Planet

As Climate Mamas and Papas we look for small and large ways to show we are taking climate action. We find opportunities to demonstrate our resolve to “walk the walk” on sustainability and to build climate hope and a livable future and now. We regularly take stands on issues; we make our voices  heard by elected officials, and we support companies and organizations that are leading the way forward.

As parents, life is hectic – juggling home, work, and multiple schedules –  as we try to find time to just “be in the moment” with our families. We wanted to introduce you to our “go to” card and invitation company, Paperless Post which helps us find time and also accomplish tasks that otherwise could be time and energy consuming. Our Climate Mama, Harriet, began using Paperless Post soon after it was founded in 2008, when a young brother and sister team James and Alex Hirschfield, then in their early twenties,  established this innovative company. Paperless Post is 10 years old this year and has survived the test of time and of competitors –  and continues to thrive, innovate and be a leader in the on-line invitation field.

Over the years Harriet has used Paperless Post for both of her children’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations, for birthday parties, for Climate Mama invitational events and for a wide range of birthday, wedding and anniversary greetings, thank you’s and sympathy cards; as well as just to say hello! Unlike some other one-line card and invitation companies, there are no ads, you pay directly on the site, and you can use free or fee based invitation and card designs.


The cards and invitations are easy to modify and make personal, and the invitation RSVP’s are easy to track and follow up. Harriet has recommended Paperless Post to a wide range of friends and family and continues to be impressed with regular updates, new designs and technology innovations.

Paperless Post feels personal. When you receive a Paperless Post invitation it opens like a card you would receive in the mail. It has a stamp (which you can personalize) and the cards and invitations are beautiful, fun, simple, elegant and sophisticated – whatever you want them to be. We love Paperless Post and highly recommend it!

Give Paperless Post a try, and let us know what you think. As we live climate change, the examples we set for our children, neighbors and friends are so important. The more we can show that we are giving thought to how each action and activity we take impacts our footprints on our planet, the more hopeful our future and now becomes.



Climate Mama

Note: We have received Paperless Post coins to tryout the service and share our experience. As with any product or service we discuss on our site, our opinions are our own, and are not influenced by any outside sources. We would never recommend a product or service we would not use ourselves, nor would we share information about a product or service we do not feel is taking a stand on climate and sustainability.

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