Purchasing Power, Buying for Good: Tom’s of Maine

tomsWe love to share the successes of our partners and the commitments they make – as we do – to not only “talking the talk” but walking the walk too. Our partners at Stonyfield regularly introduce us to products and programs that place planet and people on the same footing as profit. Tom’s of Maine is one of those special companies that clearly and proudly let you know, from the information on their product packaging, to the details found easily on their website, that they care deeply about protecting our planet and us at the same time that they produce quality and affordable products.

As we work to expand understanding about the urgency of the climate crisis, we love sharing companies and their products that also care about our health and the health of our planet. We must work together on many fronts and all at the same time, including what we buy and how we actively care for our family and our planet. Many companies out there will tell you their products are “natural” “green” “safe” “good for the planet” all words that can mean anything and are not regulated. These words are often used purely for advertising, with no facts to back them up. Our Climate Mama community teaches our children to read labels, ask questions and dig deep.

okc2The law that has been in place to protect us from toxic substances was enacted in 1976 and by all accounts is one of the weakest environmental health and protection statues we ever had. Since 1976 over 80,000 new chemicals have entered the market place, untested and in use, to be proven harmful when and if we ever can. Trying to regulate chemicals in products we are exposed to and use in our homes and on our bodies and those of our children, is not only difficult in many cases it has been impossible. The new Toxic Substances Control ACT (TSCA) – The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act – was adopted on June 22nd, 2016. Depending on who you listen to it was “an historic advancement,” or “a colossal betrayal;” with not too many folks in the middle. While it definitely is an improvement over the old law, we can by no means assume there is someone “minding the store.” For more analysis on the bill, check in with our partners at Safer Chemicals Healthy Families.

So, while we wait for bureaucrats to work our the implementation the new legislation, we need to continue to read labels carefully, consult expert advice and ensure that we are looking out for ourselves, our families and our planet. Tom’s products contain truly NATURAL ingredients and they clearly let us now that they are also petroleum free.

Tom’s Standards for Natural
• Sourced and derived from nature
• Free of artificial flavors, fragrances, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives
• Simple and understandable ingredients
• Ingredient processing that supports our philosophy of human and environmental health
• Free from animal ingredients
• Not tested on animals

In addition and importantly Tom’s products do the job they say they will and they do it well!


Climate Mama

P.S. As a blogger for Stonyfield we are compensated for our posts and did receive product samples from Toms. This in no way influences our thoughts or ideas; and as always, our writing expresses our unbiased opinion. We know that you do your own homework and research, and seek out the facts and the truth as we do.

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