Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.04.57 AMAs parents, our ClimateMama community is well in tune with our collective and individual responsibilities as parents; to create as safe and secure a future and now that we can for our children and ourselves. We have done the research and we are attune to the changes around us. Our climate and our planet are both changing and in many, many ways not for the better. We know intellectually and intuitively that we humans have a direct role in creating these changes, and we also know we can have a direct role in slowing these changes down.

There are parents among us – scientists and researchers – whose work and studies show them without a doubt, that our actions are causing our planet to change. These parents are raising their voices with us – using their authority as scientists and their studies and research as the basis of their call to action – for their children and ours.

We are therefore thrilled and honored to be part of the launch and promotion of a new website, More than Scientists which shares the stories of accomplished scientists, who beyond their lab coats, are community members, parents, and concerned citizens, just like all of us. It’s personal for these scientists; they are speaking out even as they face personal threats and attacks for sharing the truth. For many of them, their children give them their courage and inspire their hope. They, as we do, hope desperately that we will all come to our senses before we force our planet and ourselves to a point of no return. Please join me in supporting these brave men and women; let’s applaud them and encourage them to keep their voices strong and loud – we need them to speak out so that we all can act.

Take a moment today, and watch one or all of the many very special videos from More Than Scientists. Share these videos with the kids in your life and check back often to catch new videos as they are released. Today we chose to share this video “A Penguin for Avani” with you.

A Penguin for Avani from Marcus Eriksen on Vimeo.

Dr. Marcus Eriksen, Director of Research from the 5 Gyres Institute made this for his 2 1/2 year old daughter. Like all the dedicated scientists that More thanks Scientists showcase, Dr. Eriksen often finds that his work takes him away from his family, as he and his colleagues work diligently on studies and research that provides us with the knowledge and data we need to spur change and create climate hope. Climate change is the greatest threat any of us will ever face. It also presents many incredible opportunities too, as personally and collectively we can change the future for the better, if we begin now. Continue reading

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EH-logoThis year in honor of Earth Hour – March 28th, 8:30pm your time wherever in the world you are – we are teaming up with NRG Home Solar, NBA superstar Bill Walton, and our good friends at the Big Green Purse to make it easy for you to raise awareness about climate change, take action and create climate hope. Let us show you how to channel #yourpower and not only make a difference, but show others how to as well!

We know that for many of our Climate Mamas and Papas celebrating Earth Hour has become part of their family lore and traditions. Earth Hour ushers in Earth Month (April) and Earth Day (April 22nd), and gives us the opportunity to reflect on why we should work so hard to nurture our planet. We share and plan together what each of us individually and as a family can do to keep our planet healthy and sustainable as we use our power to raise attention to the climate crisis and work to build climate hope. Since it’s creation by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 2007 when Sydney Australia, famously “turned off it’s lights,” Earth Hour has grown to become a global movement with more than 7000 cities and towns in over 160 countries together turning off their lights to remind us that climate change is a global problem.

happy kidsEarth Hour also reminds us that that the challenges of climate change present many incredible opportunities. So, grab your kids and come up with a plan that involves TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS at 8:30pm on Saturday, March 28th. Have a “picnic” by flashlight with the kids in your life, tell stories in the “dark,” watch the stars, walk on the beach, play a board game by the light of the moon…and discuss your “next steps” after the Hour. Let Earth Hour be the beginning of your family’s “spring into action” plan, to make our planet a safer and more sustainable place. Be inspired! Check back here later this week, and we will also be sharing a special video by NBA Bill Walton, on Earth Hour and #yourpower. Continue reading

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IMG_2741We are honored to share this post, which we wrote with our dear friend and Climate Mama extraordinaire, Linda Reik. We wrote this post in early February 2015, and have been trying since then to get it published in a national newspaper. We aren’t sure why our mainstream media wouldn’t help us share the facts on this one, we thought we wrote a great piece! But we ask you, our Climate Mama and Papa community, to help us share our story and the stories of thousand and thousands of Climate Mamas and Papas around our country who are fighting back against fossil fuel infrastructure expansion and who are living with it’s impacts everyday.

Mothers Demanding Change
By Harriet Shugarman & Linda Reik

We are your mothers and your sisters. We are your neighbors, your co-workers and your friends. At different times in our lives we have been called farm worker, engineer, professor, economist, scientist, daughter, and mommy. What we have never been called, until now is: pipeline and fossil fuel infrastructure expert, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authority, activist or terrorist. Continue reading

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IMG_3958Women’s voices are too often muted or silenced on issue of policy and action. Even in the United States of America, women are still not heard nor represented proportionately to their percentage of the population at large. I believe my daughter deserves and must have every opportunity that my son has, yet those rights, including the right of equal pay, are still ones we fight and struggle for, even in the United States of America.

In honor of International Women’s History Month, below are a few of our musing and thoughts: Continue reading

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Our mantra at ClimateMama: “Tell the Truth, Actions speak Louder then Words and Don’t be Afraid;” something we teach our children, and words we work hard to live by.

pepsico1Our ClimateMama community regularly reaches out to leaders – those with outsized influence in the political, business and spiritual worlds – to speak and act out; using their influence and power to address climate change. Pepsico and it’s CEO, Indra Nooyi have the potential to dramatically shape how palm oil is harvested, yet they continue to disappoint us by not using their leadership role to make significant and timely commitments. Yet, as the internal optimists that we are at ClimateMama, we do believe the “glass is half full” at Pepsico and that they will take their rightful leadership roles at the top and take an active stand on conflict palm oil, with time bound commitments; leading their industry by example as they set new sustainable standards for the way that this product is produced. But we do need to keep calling them out on this as they aren’t moving as quickly as we would like. So, in the meantime, a “time out” could and should be in order..

In September 2014, right around the time of the Peoples Climate March in New York City, we reached out to Indra Nooyi, “mother to mother” and delivered over 100,000 signatures calling on her to lead. We are a proud supporter and partner of the Rainforest Action Network in its campaign to highlight those companies which are not taking their rightful role as leaders in addressing Palm Oil production, a serious supply side problem which is a leading driver of climate change.

Join us, read this straight to the point post and watch this cute and powerful video created one of our favorite and most passionate and vocal Climate Mamas on conflict palm oil – Ashley Schaefer Yildez. “Pepsico, you are in a big Time Out” as far as we moms are concerned.

Quaker Oats, Climate Change, Your Child’s Lunch and Connecting the Dots
by Ashley Schaeffer Yildez

That Quaker Oats Chewy Bar in your child’s lunch? Well, we’re not sure if its full of wholesome goodness, but it certainly may be full of Conflict Palm Oil.

With your help, we’ll set the record straight. Share this video now on Facebook and Twitter to let other families know that there’s more in Quaker Oats than meets the eye.

Continue reading

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super-hero-232x300Putting it all together like no one else can, Communitopia President and Climate Mama extraordinaire Joylette Portlock knocks it out of the park again with her most recent video in her “Don’t Just Sit There do Something” Series: Flame On.

Take 5 minutes, grab the kids in your life, and learn something about the connections between our extreme cold, pine beetles, Keystone XL and fires in Colorado…(yes, Joylette helps us connect even these seemingly random dots…)

And as always, Joylette empowers us all by giving us suggestions and opportunities do do something about climate change, now. It’s “Do Something Wednesdays…” so join us and do something today!

Thanks Joylette.


Climate Mama

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images-1By now it’s “old news” that on December 17th, 2014, New York state banned High Volume Hydraulic Fracking (HVHF). This ban was passed in large part due to the overwhelming evidence presented that HVHF poses unacceptable health risks to individuals and communities. In fact, NY State Acting Commissioner of Health Howard Zucker said clearly and loudly that he would NOT want his children to live or play near a fracking site. This honest and simple statement has made government officials, parents, oil and gas workers as well as folks who have no direct connection to frack sites, wake up and pay attention.

This significant decision by Governor Cuomo – to ban HVHF in NY State – arrived at after detailed input, research and recommendations from technical experts with the expertise and knowledge to make these recommendations, is hugely important and cannot and must not be understated. However, fracking doesn’t and cannot be viewed in isolation nor can it be separated from the infrastructure that is needed to carry, convey and distribute the fracked gas which brings with it the same risks and health concerns, thousands of miles away from gas wells. Continue reading

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Innovate to Mitigate project ideas

Innovate to Mitigate project ideas

“Tell the truth, actions speak louder then words, and don’t be afraid”…our mantra at ClimateMama and how we show our children that we are facing climate change head on and with our eyes wide open.

At times, we all feel that climate change is just “too big” to get our arms around, and for our children especially, our climate crisis can seem completely overwhelming and far out of their control. We know that all of our Climate Mamas and Papas are “on the job” all the time working to create personal and community actions to address the crisis we face and in particular, to show the kids in our lives that we are constantly working to create a sustainable future and now for them. While we at ClimateMama are always pleased to provide you with opportunities to respond to and push back against our climate crisis, we are truly THRILLED when we can share with you an incredible program that the kids in your life can act on directly. Continue reading

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mind-the-store-brandOur Climate Mamas and Papas are committed to live by our ClimateMama mantra: “Tell the Truth, Actions speak louder then words, and Don’t be afraid.”

We are therefore thrilled to be part of the latest component of the Safer Chemicals and Healthy Families, Mind the Store campaign: demanding that furniture manufacturers and retailers rapidly phase out toxic flame retardants from furniture. The campaign has been wildly successful; big furniture companies are now telling the truth about flame retardants. Many companies are taking this very seriously and agreeing to phase out these chemicals quickly and expeditiously. Many companies as well, are showing us that they are not afraid to be heard on this serious issue, and in fact are telling others in their industry to join in and follow their lead. Continue reading

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Photo Credit: We are Seneca Lake

Photo Credit: We are Seneca Lake

On Friday, January 16th, New York mothers and grandmothers braved the winter wind and cold to sing songs, hold up banners and risk arrest, as they joined the citizen’s blockade at Seneca Lake, New York to protect their children’s right to clean air, clean water and a livable, sustainable future and now.

These parents join a long and growing list of musicians, farmers, teachers, local business owners, school children and a wide range of community groups who are part of a sustained public non-violent direct action campaign opposing Texas-based Crestwood-Midstream’s proposal to use old abandoned salt caverns along Seneca Lake to store millions of barrels of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and billions of cubic feet of natural gas. The proposal has generated opposition from over 200 businesses, more than 60 wineries, 11 municipalities and thousands and thousands of residents in the Finger Lakes region and beyond, who are concerned about the threat it poses to public health and safety, one of the state’s largest supplies of drinking water, the local economy, and the area’s growing wine and tourism industry.

Emergency calls to President Obama, U.S. Senators, Congressman, Governor Cuomo and local municipal officials to immediately step in and stop this irresponsible and dangerous project, have gone unheard. Continue reading

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