Dr. Suess Birthday: The Lorax, Climate Change and Speaking For the Trees


March 2nd, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Suess! March 2nd is also the launch of the new Universal Pictures film The Lorax (Great timing – curious though, as it does seem that the creators of this movie, “care a whole lot” but that according to some reviewers, the marketing team either didn’t watch the movie, or didn’t get the message!”)

This special day and “anniversary” is a great opportunity to remind all the kids in your life that they, like the Lorax, need to continue to stand up to all the Onc-lers amongst us; as the Lorax tells us: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

The story of the Lorax revolves around humankind’s thoughtless destruction of our trees and is particularly poignant, as human caused climate change is ravaging our forests and causing the destruction of hundreds of millions of acres of our trees across the western US and Canada.

To our Climate Mamas and Papas, thank you for “taking a stand” and for caring “a whole lot!”

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

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