katrina 10 years save the childrenExtreme weather events are becoming so common place in our country and around the world, that we don’t often stop to reflect on what they mean, or how we have or will deal with them – both personally, as a local community, and as a nation. What are we doing to build resiliency in the wake of past and upcoming disasters? August 29th is the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a seminal event in US history. This is an opportune time for us all to take stock, reflect, talk to our children, and also ensure that we are prepared if and when disaster strikes; as it will and it can – none of us are immune.

Katrina, Rita, Sandy, are names forever linked to national disasters here in the US, as is Haiyan in the Philippines. These are just a few of the many examples of extreme storms that have wrecked havoc in communities and where people are still reeling from the after effects, years later. Particularly here in the US, we tend to be very good at “hiding the impacts.” Our quick media cycles help us too easily forget and ignore the aftermaths. Continue reading

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Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.43.04 PMFive years ago our friends at TckTckTck put together an amazing video in the lead up to the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Conference. There was incredible hope, hype and expectation built up around this meeting; unfortunately the results could not meet the hype. The meeting and it’s results were a disappointment to all.

Take a few minutes, grab the kids in your life and watch this video. When you hear Copenhagen, substitute Paris. It is a wonderful video and all the more relevant in 2015.

Fast forward five years, PARIS – December 2015; failure is not an option. The difference today, in 2015, is that we have a massive, building wave of public pressure demanding and creating action on climate change. While we did have public pressure in Copenhagen the lead up to Paris is infinitely more powerful; and a wave that can’t be stopped.

The “Road to Paris” is being paved with hard work and action, and the road beyond Paris with bonds that will be unbreakable.

We will be bringing you regular updates and ways to engage in the coming months. Today, join us, raise your voice, and sign petitions to world governments from two of our allies, demanding climate justice and climate action, now! The results of these petitions will be delivered to governments in Paris this coming December.

Climate Reality Project/Live Earth: “Uniting a Billion Voices to ask for one thing, Climate Action Now!”

Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network: “Women’s Call for Urgent Action on Climate Change & Sustainability Solutions”


Climate Mama

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shutterstock_10164301All we can..that’s what we are going to give them.

We are going to help slow down this climate crisis we unknowingly put in motion, and now knowingly have the capacity to change…
In 40 or 50 years…The world WILL BE a much better place, because we made it so.

“I want our kids to be proud, elated that we DID do something about climate change.”

Josh Lawler, Climate Scientist, University of Washington.

It’s do something Wednesday at ClimateMama. Join us as we salute our friends at More than Scientists, and their great work in bringing to us the words, feelings, concerns and hopes of today’s climate scientists.



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ShiftCon-Header-2015Calling all Climate Mamas and Papas who are bloggers and social media professionals or those who are thinking about working in this area. Some of our favorite Climate Mamas and Papas will be getting together in Manhattan Beach, California in late September for the second annual ShiftCon Social Media conference, it is an event not to be missed, and registration is filling up fast!

ShiftCon is the only social media conference focusing on wellness, health, and the environment. Climate change is an overarching umbrella – a nexus for all of these areas – and understanding these connections, and how our changing climate will impact our ability to maintain health and wellness as well as safeguard our environment, is critical for bloggers and social media folks to understand and incorporate into our views, posts, ideas and connections.

This conference blends workshops, networking, parties, and intense collaboration of changemakers from all over the United States and Canada – in one place. Bloggers and other social media professionals participate and collaborate with each other to inspire and empower each other to create effective communication and take their profession to the next level. Attendees participate in workshops, learn from professionals, discuss their niche and value systems, and decide on themes to collaborate on in the following year. This is a powerful event meant to organize the eco-wellness niche as a powerful community online. Continue reading

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Photo courtesy: Phurpa Lama

Nepal earthquake victims receive solar lighting

We all watched in horror as Nepal was shaken, and then shaken again. The devastation to this peaceful and serene country from the April 2015 earthquake and it’s aftershocks, was horrible to watch and even harder to fathom. Yet out of the ashes, literally, comes light. Join us, as we work together to bring light to Nepal through the Light Up a life for a Better Nepal campaign.

Phurpa Lama, a Nepalese Climate Reality Project friend and colleague is working hard to make a difference and bring light to villages through Nepal. Below is a short excerpt from Phurpa’s Indiegogo’s fundraising campaign. Please go to the main fundraising site to learn more and to donate. A little con go such a long way to bringing health, healing and a future to so many.

Phurpa Lama with local woman, sharing solar light and hope!

Phurpa Lama with local woman, sharing solar light and hope!

Part of the story, by Phurpa Lama.. Continue reading

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PressRelease-jumpingAt Climate Mama, we always and only share companies and products with you that WE personally support and that we know are “walking the walk” not just “talking the talk.” Join us and watch our friend and colleague, Steve Bushnell founder of the Climate Store, explain more about his company and why he’s so passionate about acting on climate change. Learn more about how the Climate Store can help us make personal changes that will reduce our own climate footprint and help us lead by example.

Steve echo’s a comment we hear from our Climate Mamas and Papas all the time: “Climate change is real. The debate is over and it’s time to act. The problem is that it is not clear what to do and what will make an impact.”

The Climate Store helps us make our own personal choices simpler, as they take the guessing out of our purchases by doing the hard work for us; vetting products and brands. According to Steve: “Our vision is to build a national sustainable brand that has all the information and products you need to reduce your carbon footprint – all in one place. No more cluttered, overwhelming aisles of light bulbs at Home Depot. We’re simplifying the shopping experience for everyone that wants to #kickcarbon! We’re all busy people. Shopping with the climate in mind needs to be fun and easy. We also have great resources for learning about climate change, how to get involved, and ideas for sustainable living that don’t cost a thing.”

It’s do something Wednesday here at ClimateMama. So check out the Climate Store. You can also help support the company directly as it grows new product lines and expands it’s outreach and impacts. The Climate Store’s kickstarter campaign is live for only a few more days… Join us and help the Climate Store reach it’s funding goal.

climatestorelogoWhile it is critical and important that we each lead by example we must demand and expect the same from all our leaders: corporate, houses of worship, and elected office. This year in particular, with all nations (including our own) currently formulating and finalizing their own country climate action plans for reducing country greenhouse gas emissions, insuring that government representatives at all levels recognize that importance of acting on climate, is critical. We will continue to bring you updates here on our Climate Mama blog, on the Road to Paris, and the UN Climate Meeting (UNFCC COP21) which will take place in Paris, France later this year. We all, must dig deep and make serious commitments that help us at every level reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and slow down climate change.


Climate Mama

ClimateMama is please to be an Ambassador for the Climate Store.

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We love showing off the amazing things that our favorite Climate Mamas and Papas do. If you haven’t already guessed it, Climate Mama extraordinaire, Joylette Portlock, and her Communitopia Don’t Just Sit There Do Something Videos are some of our very favorite and fun videos to share with the kids in our life.

Take a few moments, watch and share Joylette’s latest video: “WATER YOU TALKING ABOUT.”

Joylette reminds in a fun and easy way, that our planet has a fever and it’s our job to help the planet heal. Also, Joylette reminds us that we must stand up for our planet by voting for the climate. This means understanding clearly what our elected representatives in Congress and in our own home town are doing, or are NOT doing, to help address the climate crisis.

Taking Joylette’s lead, a June 17th article in the Washington Post looks at fresh water in the world, and reminds us that our world aquifers are something we must not take for granted!


Cimate Mama

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Petty Officer 3rd class Campbell, U.S. Navy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Petty Officer 3rd class Campbell, U.S. Navy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Heart to heart, we Climate Mamas and Papas have many conversations with our children, born and unborn. We share out loud, in our thoughts, in our prayers and directly through our actions our commitment to making sure that climate truth is told, however painful this may be. We fight against our climate heartache by working each day to build a better, safer and more secure world for our children and ourselves.

We are honored to share with you the thoughts, fears and hopes of Julianna Fischer in the form of a letter she has written to her unborn child. Julianna is a student at Western University in Bellingham, Washington. Eloquently and passionately, through her letter to her unborn child, Julianna shares her love for the special place where she has grown up, and her desire and passion to make sure that this special place will be there for her unborn child to cherish and enjoy too. This post first appeared on Julianne’s blog, The Climate is Calling and I Must Go, on June 8, 2015. We are thrilled to repost her letter on ClimateMama, in it’s entirety.

A letter to my Unborn Child
Julianna Fischer

Climate heartachWhat if I were to tell you, we could have stopped this? You never had to live in a world like you do my love. So many lives lost, ecosystems destroyed, and hardships faced… all for what? My baby, my unborn child, I tried. I tried to make sure you lived in a world that is as beautiful as when I was your age. But you will probably never see half of the beauty I see in the world today.

When I was a little girl, I lived right off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean; I could smell the salt in the air while I waited for the school bus each morning. My brother, my sister, and I would ride our bikes down to the beach with your grandmother all the time. We would pick out the prettiest shells to take home and line our walkway with. We would overturn the rocks in the shallow water on a hunt for little crabs burrowing in the shade. The gulls would caw overhead always ready to eat the crust from my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Continue reading

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Dear Cop21-ENGAttention all Climate Mamas and Papas, please take a moment and join us in signing this Avaaz petition. Together, we are putting our world leaders on notice, and demanding that they “cut the red tape” and “act on climate”…

Take a few moments, and read the letter below from Lima, Peru Climate Mama Extraordinaire, Yoca, Cut the Red Tape petition author. Learn more about why the upcoming Unite Nations December Climate meetings in Paris are critical for our children’s future and now, and why we all must demand real action from our world leaders. Our children are watching, and we DO NOT have any time to waste.


Climate Mama

Paris, December 2015 | The most important meeting of the Planet | Will you be there?

By Yoca Arditi-Rocha

There are times when certain events define history and sometimes…even our fate. Coming December this year, Paris is that time. The time when all governments decide to act upon the biggest threat humanity & future generations have ever face, climate change.

Photo Credit: Peoples Climate March

Photo Credit: Peoples Climate March

As a mother, I don’t take these claims lightly. In fact, I have made it my mission to get people like you and me know and understand more about why is happening and what is at stake. For the past 9 years I have been calling upon climate action after having experienced the consecutive pounding of hurricanes in our home in Miami and my children’s schools seemed the perfect place to start. Several years have gone by and many more destructive climate related events (Katrina, Typhoon Haiyan, Sandy, California’s drought, Russia’s Heat wave, Colorado’s fires, Bangladesh’ floods…) are more recurring worldwide making even more evident and imperative that action was needed “yesterday…and now, today! Continue reading

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The Elders.org

The Elders.org

Climate Mamas and Papas come in many shapes, sizes, nationalities and ages. An increasingly vocal and visible group are those mamas and papas who identify themselves as elders; those who are witnesses with experience and knowledge earned through living many years on our planet. These elders are regularly seen standing shoulder to shoulder with younger generations. These elders are demanding a chance for our youth; a chance to live in a world that is hospitable, safe, secure and sustainable and which isn’t ravaged nor doomed by climate change. These elders have recognized that on their watch, the epoch of the anthropocene has emerged. But at the same time, they are fighting back for control and a livable future and now. Join us as we share with you this wonderful post by Ellen Moyer which offers insights about the many climate elders groups springing up around the planet, and what is driving them. We are reposting Ellen’s article with permission from our friends and colleagues at Boomer Warrior.

Climate Action by Elders
by Ellen Moyer

Elders the world may be our best hope for solving the “super wicked” problem of climate change. Short-term thinking created our current climate predicament. Despite warnings and predictions from the scientific community, the developed world spewed greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Given that problems, solutions, costs, and benefits play out over time frames spanning generations, the situation calls for intergenerational climate-change activism.

Photo Credit: We are Seneca Lake

Photo Credit: We are Seneca Lake

Why would seniors enlist in the crusade? They have a long view due to the number of years they have already lived, during which many have witnessed changes in the climate. Many also have passion to protect their children and grandchildren. Halfdan Wiik of Norwegian Grandparents Climate Campaign says, “For me, it’s all about love and optimism. Elders of today have lived our lives in a world of great changes, for good and for bad. We know it can be changed once more.”

Elders often work with a sense of urgency, realizing that they may have relatively few years left in which to leave their legacy. And generally speaking — and with countless exceptions — compared with younger people, elders often have more free time, financial resources, wisdom, experience, economic and political clout, sense of connection to nature, and freedom from worries about job security, mortgages, and dependents. Continue reading

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